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Avocado is beneficial to the mother and The Fetus

1. Preventing Babies Born Deformed
Aside from the pregnant women themselves can get the many benefits of avocado, the fetus also will feel the positive impact especially during its development in the belly. Eat avocado fruit regularly will help in order that the needs will be ¼ daily intake can be fulfilled. This will prevent birth defects of the baby as well.

Avocado is beneficial to the mother and The Fetus
Avocado is beneficial to the mother and The Fetus

2. Meet the needs of Calcium
Benefits of avocado for pregnant women and the fetus is a calcium intake will be fulfilled properly. It's not just the mother alone who need calcium, but need it so that any fetus growth and bone formation can be run properly, making the baby later was born healthy, strong and perfect. As a developer, this avocado substances can rely completely.

3. Prevent the occurrence of Complications
Many pregnant women are easily tired and eventually affect the condition of the fetus. During pregnancy, to give prevention will, anemia, insomnia and other disorders and complications, which contain avocado consumption of folic acid will be very good. Benefits of avocado for young pregnant women also belongs to very okay. Caution will also be preklamsia where pregnant women experiencing high blood and resulting in death in infants because the baby will be poisoning. Although the percentage of events were 5-8%, fixed
need to be controlled and prevented.

4. Prevent Deformities
Deformities known also as dentition remains far from regular words for parts of the jaw is no abnormality. To prevent this from happening in the baby during the process of its development in the belly, then the consumption of avocados can help completely. Why must avocados, it is because there is a folic acid contained in this fruit in which the development of organs, the baby will be assisted so that when born later of the fruit of the liver will not be a shortage of any kind. Both the mother and the newborn baby can be perfectly healthy.

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