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Benefits of Avocado for pregnant women young and old

Benefits of avocado for pregnant women apparently did little. Avocado is not only tasteful create blended and enjoyed by adding chocolate milk, but they are also able to meet the nutrition of pregnant women so that the mother and the fetus are both always healthy. Many cases of pregnant women who do not appetite so that even his weight lost a lot because of frequent nausea and vomiting. Consumption of avocados will be excellent as will be elaborated below.

Benefits of Avocado for pregnant women young and old
Benefits of Avocado for pregnant women young and old

1. Prevent Anemia

Some expectant mothers could be iron deficiency so sometimes like fainting or dizziness that marked that they were anemic. So that this doesn't happen, eating avocados will help meet the needs of iron in the body. Don't have a lot, enough to eat a few pieces alone is more than enough.

2. Overcoming Cramps
Pregnant women often feel the cramps in the feet or hands or even both of them where indeed this is considered very reasonable, but if it can be prevented, we recommend that you do prevention, i.e. with the fruit of the avocado. Potassium contained in this fruit will help the pregnant women to prevent or treat cramps, pain or pain during pregnancy.

3. Make a Quick Satiety
To make a longer satiety, eating the fruit of the avocado is the most appropriate. Only 3.4 grams of fiber, plus pregnant women will feel full more quickly and kenyangnya is also durable. Oleic acid on alpukatlah that makes all this could happen. Than trans fat and saturated fat in processed foods, unsaturated fats from avocados are far more beneficial to the body.

4. Give the vision protection on pregnant women
Benefits of avocado for the other 9 months pregnant mom is giving protection to the visions of the expectant mother. Lack of lituein usually can increase the risk of cataracts and other vision disorders, then by eating avocados, lituein will automatically be increased so that all eyesight can be prevented.

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