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Watermelon & Benefits for pregnant women Old

1. Prevent and Overcome Dehydration

Dehydration often occur in the pregnant and if left unchecked could have fatal consequences. Premature contractions became one of the result certainly is not expected. Premature birth is also so due to that could not happen. Remember when 90% of the water content of fruit is watermelon, so obviously it is safe if eaten by pregnant women let alone for the sake of prevention of dehydration.

Watermelon & Benefits for pregnant women Old
Watermelon & Benefits for pregnant women Old

2. Address the Swelling

Expectant mothers also do not escape from swelling in the feet and hands let alone usually. Edema is a term for this condition and during pregnancy is indeed a reasonable case. It's just that, if it can be prevented with fruit watermelon then get the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women this old. Again thanks to the moisture content in the fruit of semangkalah who can create a blockage in the blood vessels become reduced, including in parts of the muscles as well, so any edema can be prevented more effectively.

3. Keep the Organ of vision of the fetus

Because vitamin A is contained in watermelon fruits quite high here as well antioksidannya, so very nice make a fetus. Fetal vision organs will be kept well. Antioksidannya compounds derived from carotenoids found in the vitamin A and of course will be very useful create sheltered on the body so far from free radicals. All free radicals are harmful to the body can be neutralized; This is one of the benefits of watermelon for pregnant 9 months.

4. Form the Tulan Fetus

Nice addition to mother hamilnya, watermelon also has good content which gives a positive effect for the fetus. There are potassium contained in watermelon fruit which will help so that the calcium in the body can be maintained. The process of the formation of the bones of the fetus would be supported perfectly with this. Not only bones, but the joints in the body of the mother also become stronger and healthier.

5. Smooth the Urine

During the process of conceiving, perhaps many who experience the flow of urine in the body not so smoothly. With the consumption of watermelon contains a lot of water, then the flow of urine can be more smoothly and it is automatically also maintain the health of the kidney organ pengonsumsinya.

Many pregnant women are less noticed their nutritional intake. For the sake of experiencing the process of childbirth and the fetus more healthy and strong when born, the fruit watermelon can be chosen to be consumed per day.

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